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About Us

Dab.Chat is a video chat website written for stoners by a stoner. After a few years of hanging out on other video chat sites and never feeling quite satisfied with what they had to offer, or feeling constantly on guard about what was/wasn't tolerable behavior on the site I decided it was time to make my own. This site is constantly in a state of development, and is only developed by one person, who would like to take this time to ask for your patience and understanding when it comes to bugs and crashes.

Dab.Chat uses WebRTC and SocketIO to provide a fully loaded chat experience with audio, video, and text chat available at any time. Rounding out that experience is the built in per room MediaBot, which allows synchronized viewing of YouTube content with a backlog of played videos to keep the music going all the time! We also offer group timers and regular toke times. Please check the [Help] page for more info on how to use all of these features and more!

Basic Conduct.

We ask few things of you at Dab.Chat and one of them is to try and be respectful and polite. If you feel you can't maintain composure we ask that you step away from the chat for a while. Anyone who's character has proven to be utter shit will have their account deactivated.

Age Restriction.

This website is intended for use by users of at least 21 years of age. Any account determined to be operated by someone who does not meet this age restriction will be deactivated.

Per Room Rules.

Each Room here at Dab.Chat sets their own rules for users to follow. Failure to follow those rules repeatedly across multiple rooms may result in account deactivation.

DabChat, Inc.

Some Data Center Rd
Somewheresville, AZ 90210
P: (555) Dab-Chat [jk]
Matt @ Dab.Chat
[email protected]

I hope you got a laugh out of that fake phone number too, but just reach out via Email with any questions or concerns and I will do my best to respond in a timely fashion I promise. /s

Site Management

In all seriousness, I do ask that you try to remember this site was written, maintained, and hosted by one guy on a limited budget of both time and money. Now more a team of two with the recent addition of Smokey to the dev team, we will do our best to address any and all issues in a timely fashion!